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Vermiglio North Face

This week end Davide kindly asked me to join him, Mattia and Pietro to ski Vermiglio North face, in Presanella group. I was really glad to join him since it was more than a year that we didn’t see each other.

I knew that him had improved much, and after the start i saw him only at the top... Pretty fast...

The way up to the top of Vermiglio (3458m) was pretty hard, we skinned and climbed up more than 2200m in 5 hours; but it was totally worth it! The snow inside the couloir was soft powder, untouched by the wind. Just a little west oriented strip was crusty, but it was easily avoidable.

The first 50m were really steep more than 50 degrees, but, thanks to the excellent snow, easy to ski.

After the first narrow part the face got wider and less steeper (50-45°), the snow gave us confidence and we could ski the face to the bottom doing big turns.

Super day with good friends!

Vermiglio, Canale N, Variante SX

Descent difficulty: 5.2 E2

Steepness 50° then 45*

Vertical drop: 650m

Top: 3460m

Snow conditions: compact powder on the face then 1700m of firn

Skinning up in front of the face


First turns for Davide

Mattia goin’ steep




The face