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June 8th 2013

Monte Leone 3553m

Woke up at 2 sharp, took the car, met Federico, Olga and Meme and then drove to Simplon Dorf. At 5 we started skinning up and we reached the top at 9,30. The skinning up was just so infinite long... more than 14km just to reach 3500m... The face itself was really easy: 50* the first part then 45* for 250m. In order to add some thrill to this descent my binding decided to collapse and i did 3 telemark turns for the joy of the audience.

Not a bad trip, the view was just wonderful but after sleeping just one hour I was really too tired to completely enjoy the trip.

Monte Leone

Descent difficulty: 4.3

Steepness: 50°

Top: 3553

Vertical drop: 250m the face then 1300m to Simplon Dorf

Snow conditions: hard snow on the face, nice firn all the way down