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Federico Watchin’ the face

June 16th 2013

Allalinhorn 4027m

After a week spent deciding what to do Federico called Beppe and he tolds that it would have been great to ski the Allalinhorn North face in Saas Fee. Due to the rising of freezing levels in Italy we agreed with him and early on Sunday morning we packed up and rode to Saas Fee. The place is really amazing: a nice small Swiss town surrounded by huge mountains; after Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa here there are the highest mountains you can find in Europe.

The temperature was rising much early in the morning and we started sweating crossing the town to reach the lifts. Saas Fee is a pollution free town, no car allowed only electrical ones.

At the lift we payed (72CHF !!!) for just one ride....

We reached the glacier at 8:30 and we had to climb for 700m to reach the top. In the upper part we found a lot of blue ice with 5cm of soft snow covering it. That was the most difficult part when we skied down. I went last and i had to ski over the ice because my ski bums took all the snow away. Fortunately i managed to found a thin line where snow covered well the ice so I enjoyed too the descent. 


Descent difficulty: 4.3

Steepness: 50°

Top: 4027m

Vertical drop: 700m

Snow conditions: very thin hard snow covering blue ice