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Piramide Vincent

SW Face

Central Couloir

May 4th 2013

The Beginning

10:30 AM, after two hours skinning i’m starting skiing down the slope. I’m trying to attempt the left couloir but snow cover is too thin and there are too many rocks, so i decide to go down by the easier central couloir. The snow is really good: winter fluffy kind of snow. That gives me security already from the top. I ski pretty fast, small turns in the upper steeper part, then big powder turns in the lower section, where the face becomes wider.

A nice run that reminds me my “baptism” of steep skiing; that had place there, the day of my 20th birthday.

Descent difficulty: 5.1

Steepness 50/55°

First Descent: Claudio Schranz 1977

Vertical drop: 900m

Top: 4215m

Snow conditions: Powder