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December 8th 2013

Piure Couloir

After a nice starting season is already slowing down... With temperatures rising, strong wind, bluebird almost everywhere and resorts crowded for the 8th December, there is not much to do then run to more remote places.

So on Sathurday I decided to go check on Piure, an amazing couloir with 1000m vertical drop, facing Champoluc’s valley. I took some photos and studied them at home. The couloir seemed pretty ok even if the left part had some rock not covered by snow. I called Federico and Camillo and we decided that it was a go for the next day. Neither of us wanted to spend money for a skipass and ski in the crowd with shitty snow... Also Paola and her boyfriend Matt joined that “expedition”.

The decision revealed to be absolutely right; the snow was hard in the couloir but we found some powder in the woods below the couloir.

I couldn’t think of a more fun day, good ski with good friends.

The Couloir (DX branch)

Descent difficulty: 4.2 E2

Vertical drop: 1300m

Steepness: 45° - 40°

Easy and super fun!

Matt, Fede, Camille, Paola and myself

At the top

The Couloir (SX Branch)

Descent difficulty: 4.3 E2

Vertical drop: 1300m

Steepness: 45/40°

Skied on December the 15th with Giacomo and Enrico

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