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After days spent trying to talk Federico into do something steep in Mont Blanc we agreed to try Gersautti Couloir at tour Ronde.

The choice was right. Thanks to the latest snowfalls the couloir was not too dry, but not in the best condition though.

The terminal crevasse was quite open and we had to help a guide and his client pass through it; pushing this poland  guy’s ass up the ice while the guide was pulling him from above with a rope. Then climbing the couloir was pretty easy: just 300m.

At the summit, where the snow is more exposed to the sun there were many rocks and some ice. Since this part of the couloir was not skiable I arranged to traverse left and ski a little spine, very aesthetic but more exposed than the normal way down.

The snow was good but tricky, because we were a little bit late and it was starting to get wet and heavy. At the top there were 30cm of heavy and slushy snow, from the last storm, that detached at every turn.

In the middle of the couloir, in the shades, we found better snow, and we could ski more relaxed.

At the bottom, few meters away from the crevasse, a big slush came down, caused by other two guys who were starting to descend in that moment. We hurried and jumped the crevasse landing in fluffy deep powder, skiing fast towards Helbronner.

Nice trip, worth for the amazing view of Mont Blanc massif.

Couloir Gervasutti - Tour Ronde

Descent difficulty: 5.2 E2

Steepness 55° - 50°

Vertical drop: 300m

Top: 3798m

Snow conditions: wet snow at the top, then hard snow in the shades.

Passing through an exposed traverse


Turning on a spine - alternative way down

Steep and exposed - Federico likes it!