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This week the meteo has been a little bit crazy and we had tons of difficulties deciding where to go... For Saturday and Sunday the situation was unclear: a big depression was forming all over the Alps. Luckily Morris WePowder helped me with the forecast and we could find our 5-hours window to score one of the most beautiful descent of my entire winter.

The choice was between Mont Blanc or Simplon Pass. We decided to try Fletschhorn’s north face because it seemed that no new snow had fallen over Mont Blanc. So early saturday morning Federico and I tried to drive to Rossbodestafel, but we couldn’t reach it because of the snow there were on the road. So we loaded our 25 kilos backpacks on our backs and we started walking to Zen refuge, where we would have spent the night. Other 2 friends, Camillo And Filippo, joined us in the evening.

Wake up time at 5 sharp, a quick breakfast and we started skinning to the face. The day was clear but some clouds were already approaching from south-east, so we knew we had to go fast if we wanted to ski the mountain properly.

Climbing up was pretty easy because two guys who wanted to ski Senggchuppa did the track for us. In 2 hours and a half I was at the top. Federico and Camillo stopped 20meters below because there were some ice under the snow-frame, but it could be easily skied.

The view from the top was amazing but i could also see the clouds approaching really fast, already half of the north face was inside them... Luckily the steeper part was out in the sun, so i didn’t waste time, I put my skis on and started skiing.

Under the snow frame i did two turns over black ice at 55 degrees, but thanks to 15cm of fresh snow it was not that difficult to turn, I was super stoked!!

Then the face was less steeper (50 degrees) and thanks to 20cm of fresh snow i could ski it super G stile: big turns and high speed.

Camillo and Federico were stoked too, and i saw them under me ripping the face apart.

This time Fil was really unlucky... When he started descending the clouds popped in and he saw nothing the whole descent.... But that’s not all! While he was clicking his binding Fede pushed too hard on one, breaking the leverage. Cheer up Fil it will be better next time!!

Unfortunately we were too early inside the clouds... No visibility at all. We stopped we regrouped and followed our tracks back to the hut, to collect our stuff, eat something and then go back to the car.

Sunshine and the face

Fletschhorn North Face

Descent difficulty: 5.2 E2

Steepness 55° - 50°

Vertical drop: 700m

Top: 3984m

Snow conditions: Powder

Steep and icy

Ready to drop

The best snow is always 5cm over the ice

Looking down the void

Federico, the steep warrior, was a little bit shy today..

Some technical and physical problems ruined Fil’s descent...


Special thanks to Federico Rigotti, Camillo Enzio, Filippo Giano and Pablo Pianta for the photos!